The 10 Affirmations I Use for Self-Love

Limitless Existence

Limitless Existence

To love yourself, you must be self-aware, and then you must accept all there is to who you are.

One of the most common questions, mostly in professional interviews, but also other kinds of interactions is;

“Tell us about yourself.”

Your response, albeit determined by the situation and environment, is founded on your conscious perception of self; the things you like, your values, beliefs, emotions, thoughts, strengths, and weakness.

Limitless Existence is my attempt at exploring who I am. After a lifetime of moving to the rhythm set by the world around me, this book allowed me to stop and define myself past the various roles I needed to play. Writing this book reminded me that I am a multi-faceted being and it is easy to get caught up in being everything all at once for everyone.

I learnt that individuality is the thing that sets us apart and the essence of who we are is embedded in our skin, evidenced by our personality and character. Knowing this has affirmed my sense of self, my openness to rediscovering who I am and evolving through and through.

As you read Limitless Existence, may you find a nugget that reinforces who you are at the core. That this book is a journey and a reflection of humanness with the constant reiteration that you are everything and then more.

Here are The 10 Affirmations I use for Self-love;

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