“No, no, wait,” she says, running into the house. She hops onto the porch, and two seconds later, she is leaping across the grass with



I have to pick myself up again. When I woke up today, the first thing I did was imagine how much my heart was going

Woman climbing


“Don’t forget what I told you.” “Big house, fancy car?” “BIG HOUSE, FANCY CAR!” The grin on Randall’s face and the excitement in his voice,


With this Ring…

I am just a girl trying to do something with her life, So if you see me with a potato sack on my back, Be

courage and the universe

Remember Courage…?

Have you ever felt courage? That gush that comes with believing that you are ready for whatever is on your way. You are prepared to

Making Peace with My Dead

Today, let’s talk about death! This is one topic that takes everything I have to guffaw. This word sends Goosebumps to my skin and gives

man and the universe

Thanking the Universe

Today I will write, my head is clear, and I feel peace within me for once in a very long time. Words gushed out when


The Healing Power of Time

Over time, I’ve learned that it will always work out, that it will stop raining, and the roof will stop leaking. I have seen the


You’re Only Human

You are an exception! Right? It had been said, time and again, that no one is better than anyone, yet everyone thinks that they are

place of refuge

My Place of Refuge

For many, talents are gifts from God. We come into this life like a new machine; the only difference is that they don’t come with

Limitless Existence

Honestly Speaking

I am a sad person because sad things happen to me. The tears that I have cried, in the horrible and dark places that I