Written Reminders

I woke up with a knot in my stomach. Nothing is wrong, not at the moment anyway. For some reason, my body decided that the


What is your Name?

Some days are good, other days are bad, but some, some are both. I talk about the day I stopped teaching in my book, and

Have You Seen Her?

Have you seen her? The girl with flames in her hair, Fire in her eyes, And a sharpness in her tongue. Have you seen her?

This Skin

My whole life I have wanted to belong, That is something many people crave.   I could tell you about the day I lost myself,

This is Home

I am a daughter of the earth, Crowned with hair that doesn’t bow to gravity. Dressed in skin that reflects the sun. And every day

The Truth Is…

You didn’t know, because you didn’t care You didn’t know, because you never asked You didn’t know, because you dismissed me.  You didn’t know, because

Mourning my Father

There’s nothing educational about my pain, Nothing to learn from the tears I shed every time I forget to breathe, See, every so often, I

When Passion Rejects

I remember sitting down listening to everyone around me jibber-jabber; trying to sell the worst possible career in the world. In my head I was