Sanaa na Kahawa

Have you ever stopped in a moment and realized how alive you are? Entirely lost in the happenings, you have to pause and recognize the


Giving Back to the Community

Giving Back to the Community Giving is an act of pure love and humanity all around it. The community is the greatest tool in building

pad drives and giving etiquette

Mind your Giving; Pad Drives

Giving is an art that many people haven’t mastered. I am not saying I know better, just that over the years, by interacting with various

period products

…Everybody Gets a Period Talk!!

At age thirteen, in class, waiting for my science teacher to arrive. I am glad to be at the next school level, excited to learn

sharing privilege

Working Privilege

Are you lost in your Privilege, or are you aware of what is around you? A few months ago, I sat in a packed car

At least

At Least!!

It was the way he sat on that bed, leaning over a bucket full of soapy water, with his wet pink shirt that was holding

the power of conversation

The Power of Conversation

Where does your brain go when someone asks you how you are? For most people, there is a second or two where you contemplate what

The Language of Shame

“Maybe if I said it in English, it would be easier.” That’s what I was telling myself on the walk home from school. The previous

Ms. Wa (Who?)

Have you read the one about the Jacaranda tree? No? Well, I don’t remember much of it, but I know that it was somewhere in

The “WE” in the Reopening of Schools

On Monday the 21st of September, the Teachers Service Commission, (TSC) instructed teachers to go back to their respective schools by Monday the 28th in