The Language of Shame

“Maybe if I said it in English, it would be easier.” That’s what I was telling myself on the walk home from school. The previous

Ms. Wa (Who?)

Have you read the one about the Jacaranda tree? No? Well, I don’t remember much of it, but I know that it was somewhere in

The “WE” in the Reopening of Schools

On Monday the 21st of September, the Teachers Service Commission, (TSC) instructed teachers to go back to their respective schools by Monday the 28th in

Of Strangers and Angels

On a rainy Nairobi night, a young lady gets lost in the city’s insanity. As the crowd bumps and hits at a lost village soul,

Pregnant school girl

You Cannot Parent Your Way Out of Rape

An angry and passionate conversation ensued on social media platforms after 4000 cases of underage pregnancies were reported. These minors were (statutory) raped and impregnated

The Bleak Fate of BOM Teachers

According to data from the Daily Nation, Kenya has a shortage of 96,000 teachers across secondary and primary school. The absurdity of this number is