showing who you are

Silent Responses

“I’ll knock, you’ll talk.” I smiled as I continued marking the form three composition books. This statement was too familiar, and it took me back

The Art of Resurfacing

I think about death a lot. It doesn’t scare me; it annoys me. I hate that it comes unannounced, that it takes people without discrimination

Dear Diary…

The world around me has gone to sleep. Crickets have taken over. It is their world now. There’s barely any noise, but once in a


How do you think it feels to die? Not death itself. That moment when you can see life slipping out of you. You know it’s

Delusional Past

It’s incredible how things change every minute, yet they stay the same. The shifts in our lives become evident after a long time. If we

Many Little Deaths

The first term is over, we didn’t have a mid-term break and the upcoming holiday was too short. I am beyond heartbroken, and the guilt

Dead on Arrival

There is this build-up in anticipation that every class eight leaver has in January. It’s excitement, anxiety, and hope. For me, the year was 2016,

5 Ways to Deal with Exam Anxiety

If you went through the Kenyan education system, you experienced the madness that comes around every end of the year. The exam periods set for