What can you do with 100 bob?

What can you do with 100 bob? No, I am actually asking. My answer is a lot. I have been challenging myself to see how



I saw the full-moon for the first time yesterday. It’s absurd how something so beautiful and magnificent had escaped my gaze for 24 years of

writing notebook

My Writing and I…

There’s something wrong with my writing; I can’t feel it. Before, it felt like the universe was speaking, and my hands would write whatever she

take that leap

Take that Leap!!

Change happens in two ways; you either take that leap or are pushed off an edge. Life has to move, and that requires you to

Image for the day I found my voice blog post

The Day I Found My Voice

The world is a noisy place, every one has something to say, and on the day I found my voice, I spoke. I gave in

showing who you are

Silent Responses

“I’ll knock, you’ll talk.” I smiled as I continued marking the form three composition books. This statement was too familiar, and it took me back

The Art of Resurfacing

I think about death a lot. It doesn’t scare me; it annoys me. I hate that it comes unannounced, that it takes people without discrimination