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I have to pick myself up again. When I woke up today, the first thing I did was imagine how much my heart was going to break every time I remember the pain. How many tears would fall before I fell asleep again and forget that I just lost something I have had for five …

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Woman climbing


“Don’t forget what I told you.” “Big house, fancy car?” “BIG HOUSE, FANCY CAR!” The grin on Randall’s face and the excitement in his voice, as he pronounces each word making sure they carry the weight he intends, brings a smile to Deja’s face.  Goodbyes can be sad or happy; this one, in the 17th …

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Women Like Me

“What do you want?” she asked, looking down at the book she had been writing on a few minutes before. I looked at my friends, wondering who would answer her question. This was my first time at a police station and dealing with the police.  I had planned out a polite conversation that would eventually …

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I saw the full-moon for the first time yesterday. It’s absurd how something so beautiful and magnificent had escaped my gaze for 24 years of my life. I stood by my bedroom window, staring, and I almost went down on my knees in worship. See, I revel and the magic that is nature, but somehow, …

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writing notebook

My Writing and I…

There’s something wrong with my writing; I can’t feel it. Before, it felt like the universe was speaking, and my hands would write whatever she said. I would interpret whatever it was through my eyes and experiences. It felt like she was talking to her people through me. Every time she spoke, I was reminded …

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