Passionate educator and writer with an interest in autonomy and feminism.

showing who you are

Silent Responses

“I’ll knock, you’ll talk.” I smiled as I continued marking the form three composition books. This statement was too familiar, and it took me back to my high school days. The staffroom is a lot of things to different people, but it is the place where things can accelerate too fast to students. Whether you …

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Ms. Wa (Who?)

Have you read the one about the Jacaranda tree? No? Well, I don’t remember much of it, but I know that it was somewhere in one of the many English textbooks we read in primary school. Anyway, it’s Monday morning; the year is 2018. It is around this time of year; the Jacaranda tree is …

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Have You Seen Her?

Have you seen her? The girl with flames in her hair, Fire in her eyes, And a sharpness in her tongue. Have you seen her? Standing as tall as she can, The way her height has nothing to do with it, She is strength and resilience, But this doesn’t speak to her willingness to go …

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