Founder Mwalimus Mind

The day I launched my book was an emotional roller-coaster. One minute I was surprised, then I was excited, then I was scared, and then I was proud. I remember singing one of the songs that I play when I need to feel my father’s presence. I wondered what he would do if he saw me at that moment. Then I started dancing and twerking, well, I tried.

A friend who had come to celebrate with me touched my diary, and I jumped out of my chair. The thought of someone reading my inner thoughts, pain, and wonder felt like death, yet, I have a blog filled with my inner thoughts, and now a book.

It wasn’t that she touched my diary, it’s that it contained battles I was trying to understand. I realized that the things in it were the areas that not only cause me pain but those that also have power over me. My writing, I discovered, was a declaration that, while I still had battles that were weighing in, I also had those that I was winning.

My favorite part of Mwalimus Mind is how it validates your experiences. By talking about my battles and my wins, you don’t have to, unless you want to. If you wish to, this becomes a platform that amplifies your voice; all you need to do is reach out and tell your story.

This blog works to inspire, educate, entertain, communicate, and whatever else is necessary to give you information and support to fight various battles.

Mwalimus Mind creates a community among people looking to explore who they are and discover their purpose and essence. This community, in turn, works to impact the community in different courses.

My name is Wahu Kariuki, a teacher, writer, author, feminist, and passionate believer in the need for vulnerability in honesty to see change in ourselves and everything around us. If we are lucky, we get lessons that help us in the next step of the journey. These are my lessons.