I saw the full-moon for the first time yesterday. It’s absurd how something so beautiful and magnificent had escaped my gaze for 24 years of my life. I stood by my bedroom window, staring, and I almost went down on my knees in worship. See, I revel and the magic that is nature, but somehow, no matter how much I worship, I always discover new levels to it.

The full-moon looks like all pure royalty that has ever existed on earth combined. It is all the kindness in the world bundled up into a view you can’t help but hold. It is the words that every writer gave life to; it is the flowing rivers, the raging waters calmed, and it is peace. Don’t get me wrong; I have seen the moon before; I used to escape to the campus field to watch it because I needed a break from humanity. I used to sit in the silence, and although I loved her company, she was insignificant, unimpressive.

I understood that the moon was magical, but I didn’t see the magic. When I looked up at the sky, I saw loneliness on those nights when I needed to escape humanity. Like me, although surrounded by stars on most nights, the moon was alone. It stood out in its loneliness. So, because I already had my loneliness to deal with, I would close my eyes and listen to the crickets; I would assume the moon, maybe she also needed some alone time.

Yesterday, I stood in awe of her. For the first time in my life, I saw her in her greatest light, at least it was to me. She was red, in a way, and huge. She illuminated everything on her path, and even though the world was asleep, she wasn’t afraid to be loud and bold.

Watching the full-moon was a spiritual experience, so I treated it as such. I bowed in reverence and prayed in thanksgiving. I stood by that window until she disappeared into the forest, behind the tall trees that have been my greatest reminders of how limitless I can be.

What’s absurd is not that I saw the full-moon for the first time yesterday; it’s that I had never thought about it. See, in my nights on the campus field sitting in my loneliness, I thought that was all the moon had to offer, a sense of loneliness that knew no bounds. One that was so bright the whole world could see.

The thing is, I didn’t realize there was more to it. Yes, I saw the photos, but for some reason, I imagined that that kind of moon was only available in some places, for some people. I knew the only beauty I could see or access from the moon was the one I saw on those nights when being alone felt like a gift. Because I was lonely and wanted to be in that place, I thought the moon was like me.

I never stuck around to see her transition; I never gave her time to show me how magnificent she was. And although I have lived in the same house for almost five months, this was the first time I saw the full moon.

So, is it that the moon decided to show up yesterday? Is it that it had been hiding all it had to offer from me until yesterday? No.

I realized as I watched her set that it was on me. The fact that I had access to her but was never bothered, that was my fault. I had everything I needed before, the view, the window, and the trees; they had always been there. Like many other things in life, the full-moon had been passing me by because I wouldn’t be bothered.

Many times in life, we walk around oblivious of the things we have access to. In Limitless Existence, I talk about how you can only dream as far as you can see. Now that I saw the full moon, my newly-established life mission is to watch every full-moon I can. If I had not seen it, had I not experienced its power and magic, I would not imagine it.

Life has it that the things that are beyond your scope escape you. That is why content is crucial to our day to day life. The things you watch, the people you talk to, and the things you are exposed to determine how we approach life.

Sometimes, if we are lucky, the universe reveals these great things that you can experience. When you close your eyes and see a future that includes financial freedom, unconditional love, and fulfillment, that is your full-moon moment. It is the idea that you were meant to be an innovator, an inspiration. These things come to mind, and they stick there.

Whenever you entertain the idea that you were meant for bigger things, better things, and an easier life, you are lost in your full-moon moment. You get to imagine how great you are as an artist, how smart you are, how caring, compassionate, kind, loving, and whatever other things you pride yourself in.

And in these moments, you realize that while you have always been that person, you had missed it all along. You knew who you were; you could feel your heart get excited whenever you decided to be courageous enough to listen to your heart.

All this time, you knew that there was a form of greatness in you, a magnificence like the one of the full-moon, but you never took time out of your way to see it. Now that you have seen it, now that you know that your gifts, beliefs, and ideas are bigger than you thought they were, what will you do about it?

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