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The Day I Found My Voice

The world is a noisy place, every one has something to say, and on the day I found my voice, I spoke. I gave in to the ringing calls to speak loudly, stand up for my beliefs, for what I found right and against whatever I considered wrong. That day I set myself ablaze and let the fuel in me burn to show my light to the world. That day I quit being quiet and holding on to the maestro of hypocrisy I had become. I quit pretending I was okay when I was not.

For the first time, it was about me. All other things and people were nowhere in the picture. I couldn’t care less for what others thought. I felt the uncovered bruises and pain that had grown so much until I let the noise out.

I redefined myself and birthed a new person. I opened myself to the world’s realities and the possibility to live for myself by myself without seeking approval. I stopped beating myself up. I permitted myself to be the person I was meant to be and not the hypocrite that was. It felt great to balance with nature. And like a butterfly leaving its cocoon, I breathed new air and embraced the freedom it brought..

I embraced the possibility of letting go of yesterday and forging on, hiking upon new frontiers, and living every moment without fear of all other voices; without anyone trying to define me. I could refuse titles and names that reflected who I was, not who I am. Finally, I could laugh at challenges as I readied myself to face them. It was freeing to laugh out loud without fear of being called mediocre. I started smiling, and the kindness of my soul came to life.

The transition caused havoc and chaos that, when nostalgia of the past personalities came, it had no room in my life.  All this work, to find myself, to assume what others said, to hush all other voices while finding mine felt like a demolition. With every block that fell, I created a wall that kept my self-doubt at bay.

It felt like rising from the dead. I was ready to stop denying who I could become, but I knew that the world wouldn’t embrace me; I didn’t meet its standards. But even then, I had surpassed the expectations I had for myself. Yet, it still had the power to determine whether or not I was of anything.

Birthing means giving life, and giving life means giving power. So with every ache of growth, every pain that came with becoming who I was meant to be, I gave myself power. The dynamics of power have it that it has to come from somewhere, so when I got mine, someone lost theirs. Now, they could watch the unveiling of every new episode without controlling me and the things I did.  Here, I learnt to love and free myself, to see the world and allow myself to explore what it had for me.

The day I found my voice, I did not stand on different platforms; instead, I found the courage to call people out. To speak my truth, to their faces, to overcome the limitations and boundaries set, to show up for myself, no matter what.

My voice was a gift from the gods. It was the key to the freedom I had always been in search for. That day when I spoke, honestly, my heart found peace, and my mind settled. My voice became an oasis in the desert after moments of despair in a place that was too scarce for my mind, body, and soul.

When I spoke out, I could say no; I no longer had to kill myself with work to impress my people because disappointing them was uncomfortable. I would work for anything within my reach; I would pursue it for myself, not others.

In this, I found love for myself and discovered ways to cherish and care for this love; for me. This freedom, this voice reminded me to celebrate special days, celebrate my achievements, big and small. This voice, my voice, would be my greatest tool for growth.

The day I found my voice came with hope for the future, a reason to be resilient, and the realization that my existence was limitless, worth more than I could imagine. I learnt to see the value of my time, and this taught me to embrace all the opportunities for growth that came my way. It gave me a chance to improve, to be better, and do better.


Your voice is who you are. It has the power to walk you out of fear. It not only defines you but also helps you become who you are meant to be. Stand up for yourself in every moment, with joy and love; the world will get used to it. If your voice is too loud in some spaces, maybe it’s time to find bigger spaces.

Allow yourself to live, love, and learn to speak. Use your voice to fight for yourself, others, and everything you believe in. Embrace the power of your voice and let the world have the pleasure of meeting who you are.


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5 thoughts on “The Day I Found My Voice”

  1. Woow am impressed ,nice work ,I love every thing in the text above♥️?. Continue I see a big writer in you .One day and days to come you will be the ngugi was thiong’o of tommorow.I repeat am impressed

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