Have You Seen Her?

Have you seen her?

The girl with flames in her hair,

Fire in her eyes,

And a sharpness in her tongue.

Have you seen her?

Standing as tall as she can,

The way her height has nothing to do with it,

She is strength and resilience,

But this doesn’t speak to her willingness to go through trouble.

She likes standing firm,

She likes being seen,

She likes being heard.


Have you seen her?

The woman who overcame,

The one who walks with a bounce in her step,

The one who laughs a little longer than she should,

With her flattering white teeth gracing the extra moments.


Have you seen her?

That girl who dances alone,

How she finds bliss in moving to her own beat,

The one who plays her music too loud,

Hoping the world that hears it starts dancing

The way she moves with no rhythm.


Have you seen her?

Closing her eyes to feel the beat a little better,

As she lets the music flow through every part of her,

The way these moments bring her close to the gods within,

How she welcomes her demons to have some fun,

How she dances to the tune of both.


Have you seen her?

The way her eyes glow a little brighter,

The way she exists in this reckless abandon,

Loving every moment that comes,

With everything it brings.


Have you seen her?

Standing in front of a mirror,

Looking a little close than anyone else does,

Taking in everything on display,

The way she speaks to every part,

Kindly, gently, with love.

Have you seen her?

The way she exists within herself,

With the demons and gods within,

Embracing the insecurities and confidence,

Refusing to abandon anything that is her.


Have you seen her exist?

Loudly, boldly, and unapologetically,

Fighting every day to belong to herself,

To create a world of calm,

Where love is the only thing that counts.


You should see her talking to god,

Spilling all her woes in joy,

Knowing that judgement has no place,

In an eternal love,

With a universe that knows no bounds,

One that adores the good and bad.


You should see her,

Both the devils and god within,

How they create perfect imperfection,

The way her freedom gives her life.

You really should see her!



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