The 10 Affirmations I Use for Self-Love

Limitless Existence

Limitless Existence

I love telling stories.
I want to tell you a few.
Is that something you would be up for?

Okay, good.

Now, I want you to imagine waking up naked, in the middle of town, whatever town.

The thing is, you have two options, either you panic and start looking for something to cover yourself, or you stretch and let the sun shine in places it has never before.

This book is me, naked, well, figuratively, standing in front of the entire world. These are stories that have defined who I am, every part. It is my weakness, strengths, and fears.

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The book is insightful and reflective: you choose critical moments from your life to revisit and are clear about why. I like thus non-linear approach you've chosen, that favours themes as opposed to moving from one stage to the next in life. That allows you to cut to what you want to say really quickly. It's a beautiful rendering of your experiences and lessons, and reads like Chicken Soup For The Soul, but of course with deeper, more sobering content, in several ways. Packs a real punch, especially re. your topics of choice. I also appreciate deeply your decision to be open about challenging, complex matters, in such a personal way.
Dr. Njoki Ngumi
I can tell how you speak from reading your book, which is exactly as it should be. And it's hilarious and so relatable. The nostalgia … smh. I don't know which of these affirmations speak to me the most because each addresses a new part of life. I have to say, some of these things I never really think about, and it's even shocking to see how much I relate. Number 7 is so soulful. I have no words. None. Number 6 should be a mentorship class for younger girls.
Waithera Mbugua
Founder: Newsly Content
This is a book for everyone! It’s such an inspiration and it provides nuggets of wisdom, told in such a way that is easy to read and understand. I am also very encouraged by your commitment to the #EndPeriodPoverty campaign.
Samuel Kariuki
Founder: Chuoni Technologies
My limitless existence is the new constitution, for the older woman, for me and for my little young girl. It is in how the author lays herself bare to get the message out here, it is the simplicity and weight in the message that makes it My Limitless Existence If she ever goes back to class, she is an embodiement of the figure I would want to teach my young girl the Abc of womanhood.
Betty Mburu
I have always had issues with what people think of me and had always been a people pleaser ( still struggling with speaking my mind ) but with those affirmations I have learnt to stop comparing myself,I have learnt to be content with all my flaws including the inability to be social when needed , I have learnt to accept all the rights and wrongs that I did in the past as part of me and not regret a thing... I have learnt to much on how to accept me for me and work on my insecurities without comparing myself to anybody, even when my life seems to be on a bumpy road.I am me and I love me
Angela Muthoni
English/ Literature Teacher